maandag 15 februari 2010

Jon's Go Pinis

Last Saturday (13 February) we celebrated Jon’s Go Pinis at my place. While I am still living in this mansion, we thought we might just take benefit from this spacious place.
Jon’s mom arrived two weeks ago, just to visit her ‘hijo’ and waiting for him to pack and join her for two more weeks in Australia before heading home to Spain. Well, to Stockholm in Jon’s case.
Dutch party at Hole in the Wall

It was a great opportunity to brush up my Spanish, because I didn’t speak that in ages. Even though we have some Spanish people here around, we always tend to speak English with each other. "Spak meris"

"Salchicha meris"
But Gloria, Jon’s mom, was great fun! She was almost in for anything and she had a good time with us youngster and with the Golden Girls (as Jon likes to call Monica, Linda and Margit).
All together I belief we had more than 6 go pinis events for Jon. One evening a dinner at Haydn’s place, another one at Margit, a day trip to Hole in the Wall, a Go Pinis at my place…: I’ve lost count!
'Iran, Brioni and Brenda'
Jonnie and Eddy
Some sweet stuff!
Anyway, this was one of the best parties we had in this place! Maybe also because we had some party crashers who brought gin and Jagermeister…

We're definitely breaking it down!

Some more sweet stuff!

Scary girls!

Arantxa: Brenda and jai are rrreeally joing to miss jou!

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thank you for that update brenda!!!!!it makes me remember such good times...missing you a lot also!!
lots of jagssssssssssssssssssssssssssss