zaterdag 6 februari 2010

Baby Boom

This week (on the 3rd of February to be precise), our teenage-pregnant-pussycat gave birth to four kittens!
You could tell Dolly was confused with it all, but she got her act together and now she turned out to be a great Mum! On Thursday when I came home after work, the hausmeri informed me that Dolly had taken all of the kittens to my bedroom. Apparently that place was more to her liking than the box in the living room.

Unfortunately one little kitten died. She was my favourite, but I already expected this would happen. On Friday night when I got home, the tiny one was left aside in the box and did not make any effort to get some susu. I tried to get her on one of Dolly's susu, but nogat. Next morning she was cold and stiff....ants already crawling over her.

But the other three are in perfect health! I am very busy with finding them a home, but it's not easy. And I also need to find someone who is willing to adopt Dolly... Anyone interested??

Here are some pictures of Dolly's offspring!

The first two just arrived
First susu is given
Someone seems to enjoy it!

Proud mum!

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